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website updates
(11/26/2002) added retro tunes and a guestbook!
more cool things for my site, heh. please give your opinion on my site in the guestbook!

(11/25/2002) added a damn counter and a view counter
decided to add these minor things to make my site cooler :P

(11/24/2002) hello im back!
it's been so long since i worked on this website! i promise to possibly release future updates :D

(6/12/2002) doom page created!
check it out! it's still a wip!

(6/8/2002) lego page created!
go check it out now!

(6/5/2002) epic plans for website!!
i'm planning on to do new stuff so stay tuned!

(6/2/2002) welcome to my new homepage!
i hope you like this new design!

Damn counter

thank you all so much for views!

welcome to my site!

other pages:

random gifs

cool websites

html basics

lego page

doom page

the site is still being worked on! stay tuned for updates!